Thursday, August 10, 2006


could it really happen again? since i'm out on the west coast and attending a convention it was pretty late before i got back to my room last night and at this point the news had already broken about the attempted terrorist attacks. so last night i went to bed in fear of what the morning would bring. would our country actually have to live out another 9/11? would we as a nation be too scared to fly? would we actually come together as people?

but then it hit me. i actually did fly on the 1st anniversary of 9/11 so i wasn't scared anymore or at least i didn't think i was. but why are we americans so special the reality is the rest of the world is suffering under these attacks daily. i'm sorry for taking the world for granted. i'm sorry for not getting on my knees and praying when the rest of the worlds breaking news comes across my screen.

today i thank god for allowing these terrorist to be captures and pray to god for mercy for rest of the world that are not allowed the privileges that those of us in the america are.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


tonight is the second night of dcla and we have about 5,000 students in the big room. the big room is a gathering where the students are going through the book of john in the spoken word, rap, drama, singing, ect and it was beautiful to hear and watch them. their are a number of artist, authors, and speakers that are doing the main stage and tonight i felt like i was in church and the preacher was preaching. (and i along with the majority loved it)

i'm so blessed and honored to be connected with a company that cares this much about kids lives, about loving them without condition, about excepting them with all of their flaws, and being real with them.

it's been a lot of years since i've been at an event this big that is for students and the last 2 days have felt like a time of renewal of purpose. i am meant to do what i do, i am designed to love kids, i was created to follow him.

the last week has been a horribly emotional week for me and as of monday night i didn't think i wanted to be here and i knew i didn't want to praise god, but things change. my heart has found some light, there really is hope, and i'm truly created to praise him and that is why i'm here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

it just wasn't what i expected

i'm a routine person. i do everything the same every morning from getting ready to checking my email. this morning something was different, this morning my world changed. i had a message from a friends daughter telling me that her dad passed away last night.

so today my routine stopped. i feel sadness at a level that i haven't felt in a long time. ric was an amazing man and cared about young people so much that he dedicated his life to running a camp in iowa. some of you may or may not know but this is the same camp that i spoke at in june. i fell in love with the camp and with his family, and with the campers.

after camp i knew ric went into the hospital for reason i won't get into here and i even talked to him 2 weeks ago, but death. it was never a thought.

ric i miss you already. did you even know that you helped change who i am? i'll never be the same person, you made me laugh and cry at the same time. our conventions won't be the same for me anymore. i'll never forget you, never.