Friday, June 10, 2005

Anca's new journey

i found out recently that a dear friend was being let go from her job. a job that she poured herself into, a job that introduced us. yet she was seemingly and somehow i was not. i was mad, hurt, in disbelief, i was anything but okay. you have to know anca to understand the strength that this woman carries. a strength that i can't begin to understand, but will stand on her sidelines and cheer her nonetheless. as she would tell someone her story she would tell you how God had been preparing her for this move for over a year. "how could God be preparing you to be laid off from your job? how could you not be angry at God for leaving you alone? how could you..." these were all of the questions i had and probably still do, but they are not my questions, they are anca's and she embraces them. i guess that is why she can move forward.

last night i said goodbye to anca and realized that for a month and a half i won't hear her laughter, she may not speak wisdom into my life, that this unbelievable friend was beginning this new journey of her life. i can't believe the selfless heart she has been given and that God is letting me be apart of that.

growing up in the states seems simple, i was born, have had a pretty easy life, and will someday die. but, in so many other places across the earth people are not privilaged to the life i am.

anca was born in a country far from the states, but she hasn't forgotten her people. the first chance she was given to go back and serve them she jumped at it. for that i am honored to call her friend and sister. i sit in my blameless *beautiful* life here in the midwest and dream of day that i will be able to go into "foreign" countries and help their people. but, i'm learning that before i can go out i must first look in. i hope that someday i will have enough courage to face my neighbors and serve them. until then i will watch my friend and learn from her courageous heart, walk on her journey with her, pray Jesus hold me close and teaches me His way. anca is a true disciple of Jesus, she doesn't try to split our tribes, just to heal them.