Saturday, April 08, 2006

lectivo divina

this is the second time that i've done a lectivo divina exercise in the past week and both times i've meditated on different verses but the same phrase has come up both times and it should be apparent but sometimes it just isn't. "get up and go". what is god telling me? what have i forgotten to do, what have i ignored? what don't i get?

having recently heard a talk by david anderson about abraham, david talked about abraham being called to go to the land of cainan but that he stopped before he made it and stayed in the desert. so after this david posed a question: are you stuck or stopped because if you are just stuck then there is hope because you can become un-stuck.

so now my question is am i stuck and don't even know it? am i stopped and refuse to accept it? or am i simply on this journey to get me to that place god has called me to? twice in one week god has spoken "get up and go" but i'm not sure what it is going to take to actually do that.

contemplative youth ministry retreat

i'm sitting with about 150 youth workers/pastors in oak brook, il at a retreat with mark yaconelli. he asked everyone to take 30 minutes to meditate on 3 things:
  • what is my cry for mercy?
  • invitation to trust?
  • gratitude

i didn't meditate on any of these (because i forgot my camera at the hotel so i went back to do that) but were back now and it is interesting to hear all that god spoke to these people. they are being vulnerable with themselves and each other. as someone shares what god spoke to them you can look around and see the affirmation as others shake their heads or echo their sentiments.

mark is taking us through a lectio divina exercise which is always interesting to go through with people you don't know. there seems to be some uncomfortableness with doing something outside of yourself.