Friday, February 24, 2006

my first trip to san diego

npc is almost over and vacation will be starting soon but it all seems to be going by so fast. this has been a great trip to san diego (my first time here) so far and i'm looking forward to experiencing more of its culture but first things are first. we still have 24 hours left of this convention and things just seem to be getting busier. we have about 1550 pastors here who all seem to be enjoying themselves so far. it is always interesting to see who comes to these types of events and what they'll do with their time while they're here. some go to every workshop and leave completely overwhelmed by information that they will either never use or have no idea to use what they just got and how to use it. or they don't go to anything in hopes of avoiding whatever it is that god is trying to tell them. and then there are those who come and hear speakers who change their lives and sometimes even their callings.

it is always interesting to watch pastors be served by others (most of them don't know how to do it). they come in excited about a new product or idea they heard about and want to talk about someone else who has used it. or they'll tell you about a product they've been using and encourage you to buy it and take it back to your church. regardless of the patterns and habits of these pastors they are fun people to be around who love the church and love god.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

5 days and counting

i leave for california on friday and i don't feel prepared at all. i did manage to pack a good majority of my summer(ish) clothes but there are so many more things to do. i'm trying to get a tan (of course the fake way) so i'm not the palest mexican in all of california. but i've only gone 2 times since i got my membership since the first time i got a little red on the back side (i didn't want to risk burning and then peeling) waited 2 days and then got a little red on the front. i'm not sure if i'll be able to go back tomorrow or not.

i also really want to get in the habit of working out in the morning instead of waiting until 8 or 9 at night when the gym isn't as crowded as an after thanksgiving sale. but, instead i took at 2 hour nap this afternoon and now i'm watching desperate housewives and then grey's anatomy so i won't get enough sleep, won't want to get up in the morning, and therefore won't get my early morning workout.

oh yeah and i haven't done laundry in a week in a half so by the time that i actually do it i have 10 loads (okay not really) but more than i'll want to do the day before i leave.

Friday, February 10, 2006

just asking but....

are you corporate ghetto? not sure what that even mean? if you're curious check this blog out

i just wanted to make a post

ever since the fall i either haven't wanted to blog or have just been too lazy to do it, but in the last few weeks i really wanted to blog and i couldn't. i can blame it on my laziness but the reality is that i thought i forgot my password b/c i couldn't get into my blog anymore. since i'm sitting in my house tonight sick i thought what a better time to sit down and figure this thing out.

i tried every email address and possible user name i would have used in the past 10 years but nothing seemed to work. randomly i clicked on the user profile and noticed that i've moved from a 29 year old woman to a 31 year old man. it wasn't even that i was clued in then, it was when i began reading all of "my favorites" and suddenly i realized that i had become my brother and he had taken over my blog.

since we use the same computer i can see how this would happen. and after he used someone else's paypal (the former owner of my mac) account to buy my mom's christmas gift i knew this sounded like something he would do (and not even notice).

so i did what most people would, i hacked into my blog with his account information and deleted his blog. tomorrow or sunday i'm committed to showing him how to do this blog thing himself, but until then he is never allowed to be a 29 year old woman again!

tony --thanks for the laugh i love you!