Thursday, January 12, 2006

saddness for my friends

in november i was able to meet sandy at the last nywc of the season. the first time i saw her someone was hugging her. i watched the interaction between sandy and this other person for a few moments and knew instantly she was a women whom people loved. at the end of the convention i was able to watch the ys staff that knew and loved her shower her with kind smiles, hugs, and hellos.

little did i know that sandy was fighting a battle that took her life last weekend. her funeral is tonight and many friends have made the trip from san diego to detroit for the funeral. knowing this group of people; i know that they love hard and have hearts that are hurting for both sandy's family and themselves. i'm so sorry that this is now part of their story but i'm so grateful for the times that they've all shared with her.

to my friends who are so sad by sandy's passing i hope to one day see the smiles on your faces that were there every time you were with her. blessing