Monday, May 07, 2007

our last night of youth ministry for the school year

last night we had our final youth ministry night of the school year and it ended similar to how it started with lots of giggles, boys hanging out in the back talking through and over everyone else, and anticipation of what happens next.

i've survived my first year with the madison youth group and i have to admit that there were times i didn't think i could make it but i did and i praise god because of it. i wasn't super close to many of the seniors (well at least not as much as some of the other students) but it was very emotional to say goodbye. for some of them they'll stay around gr for others they'll start working, and some will be going away from college but i realized that they have all played a part in what god's done in me over these last nine months. i've seem some of these guys grow and stumble all in one week but they've all gotten back up.

to all of you i pray god's blessings upon you, i pray that you will never feel so far that you don't come back, i pray that all of the hope, love, disappointment, joy, forgiveness, and regret that you may encounter will make you stronger, but mostly i pray that you will stand strong that you will know who you are and stand for it, and that you will come back and share your stories when the time is right.