Wednesday, August 13, 2008

unexplainable faith

it's officially been 1 year since i was let go from the big Z and i'm doing remarkably well. at first i was filled with anger and even some hate regarding how it happened but that has all since left me. now i'm filled with joy, laughter, happiness, and an unexplainable faith that i didn't have before.

this last year was filled with the loss of a job, the purchase of my first house (which i still have), the birth and near loss of my most precious nephew Brendan, love gained, love lost, job offers, no job offers, and support from my friends and family. it has been a huge year for me and one that i don't take for granted. but i finally see that i don't get to see the end and that all of these situations are just pieces, just moments in my life story.

so as i sit and reflect on these past 12 months i just know that i'm not forgotten, i'm not alone, and that i will be okay...