Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas in review

this christmas was different for our family. first we have a new memeber of the family, tony and sue's little guy brendan cole who has stolen all of our hearts. never did we think that this is where we would be as a family three months ago after he was born.

it was also different for me because i didn't ask for anything, okay i said a pair of house shoes and flannel pj's from old navy (although i didn't get either). i'm not sure if it's because i haven't worked and i'm struggling so much in life and financially right now but i didn't want people to feel obligated to buy me anything this year. my family god bless them surprised me in ways that i can't explain. you see i love kirk franklin and he has a new cd out this year call "the fight of your life" and i heard him talking about how this year has just been hard on people. i also heard people talking about how it wasn't a great cd but i didn't care, his music inspires me and i got it and love it already.

brendan well actually tony and sue totally took me by surprise with a huge blow up of this picture brendan and i took a month or so ago for our family pictures. we took them for my mom but i never expected it and it has to be one of the best gifts i've ever been given. i love that little boy so much and i'm so honored that god picked me to be one of his aunts.

i was given so many other gifts all of which i didn't ask for but that mean so much to me and will help me out in my house i can't begin to go into them but suffice it to say my family is great. for the most part it was just a chill day of hanging out with the family, eating, and sleeping. i'm grateful to have them and i'm grateful for all that this season represents.

i've been praying for a christmas miracle in the form of a job and stability so for this next year i'm hoping for all new starts job, house, school, happiness....the list could go on forever.

i pray that wherever you are that you have been blessed by the gift of christ and family!